The Smooth Stuff.

Trying out this newbie.


Reason: Trying something new and not happy with things I’ve been using.

What I like about it already:
* I can buy it at Target and not do the on-line thing. I am not big on shopping
on-line but also in travel it’s not the most convenient. Target is nation-wide
so pretty accessible.
* I like the recyclable packaging This has been a thing for me more and more,
trying to reduce my waste altogether, or at least use recyclable materials. I
just wish it went a step further but perhaps soon and I will write to them
about it. Any tips of shaving and being friendly to my environment please
feel free to share in the comments. And sorry, I can’t stand being unshaven
so that is not an option. *The pretty colors.

What I already do not like about Harry’s Razor:
* That it is sold and geared toward men without a women’s option or even a women’s sales pitch. At Target it was not in the women’s aisle. Women use mens razors all the time (and visa versa, I have almost always used mens and never satisfied every time I try a women’s 50% less than with any mans razor). Women make up a HUGE portion of sales, with razor sales in Gillette alone making up $14B…think about that. But households with women are also the choices of women who do the majority of the family and house hold shopping. So for many men, they aren’t the ones choosing, even if using. So #1 to boost sales, pitch to both men and women…or take the sex out of the sales pitch altogether is even better. Because there really is nothing stopping a woman from using this razor otherwise. #2. To not lose sales and to ever hope to catch up to Gillette or other companies, take the above advice.

I’ll have more after I open the box and test it out. I am not being paid by either product in this photo, or anyone else….I just like to talk shop. (I am a writer, so therefor I am also never opposed to being paid.) #harrysrazors#Razors #Shaving #Grooming #Products #menandwomen #Gillette#Target #Beauty #Style #Salesandmarketing #Marketing#Recyclablepackaging #Harrys #Writer #WriterforHire

A few #reviews for you. By #men , since this #product is #ForMen ….even though as a #woman I just #bought it for not only myself (and I have more to #shave than a #man , thus creating more #sales ) but I bought one for my #male #partner, too. Making the choice of #purchase in our #household.

Sharpologist Review
While DSC gets their razors from Dorco, Harry’s went a different route and bought a $100 million German razor blade factory called Feintechnik to control the quality of production. And last summer they raised more than $75 million in funding, so it’s easy to say they’re in for the long-haul battle of taking on Gillette’s $7.9 billion in sales. Yep, that’s billions with a “B.”

$14 Billion? The U.S. holds somewhere around 400 million, world population about 7 ad a half billion. And many of those in counties not buying razors at all.

And that doesn’t count the non-Gillette razor count!

The Gadgeteer Review

Observer Review

To My Younger Self. Keep Dancing.


In a  series of To My Younger Self these pictures came across my desk. And along with them, stories and memories, life and lessons.

One always speaks the phrase “If I knew then what I knew now” and we are frustrated when someone doesn’t take our advices, adult or child, even when it is advice given through a lesson already learned and we are trying to save another the trouble, the heartache, the road rash that the part of their journey is about to give them.

Upon my first divorce my best friend of my entire life, and also my cousin told me that she was not surprised. That she had literally seen my groom transform through the wedding itself. That little things that were really big things bugged her through our entire wedding weekend. I had asked why she had not told me, warned me of her thoughts and insight and she replied “but would you have listened?” That question is one I carry with me now.

I could not argue with that question. So though there is much I would tell my younger self, wish often that I could, I would likely not have seen the reason. Followed the advice.Or even heard the words.

An old friend sent me these pictures recently. I was young. I was somewhere under seventeen. Maybe as young as fifteen. That skinny could eat anything in the world and carried the world on her shoulders child. I was pretty much raised in that bar because of my mother. I was there almost every night and would see the next days light before reaching home. Often in our family feuding I never even saw home the next day. As gleefully and free flowing dancing without cares as I looked there, the dancing was one thing that kept me sane through this time of life. I had no choice basically but to be in that bar for all of the problems my family faced and for the way my mother chose to raise me. Don’t get me wrong, it really wasn’t all bad….but much of it was terrible.

Dancing and music was a way I could forget the rest of everything. I danced through my teens and my twenties for the most part, though my twenties were much more settled. And I danced sober. I was always sober, don’t get that mixed up, bar time spent or not…..I saw the unsober around me and swam through the fog of too many washed away lives.

What would I tell that one? Should she listen or not.

That it will get better. That life is easier than this. That the fighting is not the norm. That you are good for not drinking and swimming your life through that direction in the fog. That you will make a lot of mistakes but that you are avoiding many even when it doesn’t feel like it. But that the dancing is the right idea, just keep that up. And that terrible and embarrassing pictures will appear on social media from even before the time of social media’s existence. But the best thing is to just laugh and enjoy. Also that I need to wear that color more. And that I am glad that I am going in that direction with my hair again.

And it’s one life and it’s this life and it’s beautiful


Friends 101.


Being friends 101.
A friend does not stop being a friend over differing opinions, ideas, or in the case of 2016, who you vote for. I did not choose to vote for Hillary until much more recently. I won’t stop being your friend for choosing Trump.
When we met I never asked you, pre-friendship, who your votes went to. And in the future I won’t ask newly met people “So…Clinton or Trump?” And the walk away or make a friendship based on which it was.

In the current world we also put ourselves out there to be ridiculed. If you do that, then grow the skin you need to have to deal with it.
I will give a good debate, angry even. I will yell and shout and hopefully have a good drink or coffee with you over it.
And you may do the same.
I won’t just stop being a friend because of it.
Debate. It’s a part of life. It’s a part of friendship. It’s even a part of Thanksgiving turkey with the family. I might say some really mean things. I will probably mean them. And you the same. We might seriously fear for our very own lives over the others vote. And we might find each other completely ignorant over the others opinions.

—–But aside from the point that one vote possibly having the ability to make or break our country being the bigger issue and a farther cast net than just our President being the much larger topic of what country we feel that we live in right now—-

We each have our own reason, heart, feeling, knowledge, and different view of the same information. (Such has been the Bible, Science, music, books, best movies, and more, forever. As example. Remember that some of your friends think Keanu Reeves is a good actor. Don’t hate them for it. Don’t stop being their friend for it.

Heck in music/art/movies/actors/books alone if you read about the creator often you hate/despise or disagree with them. If we went so far as all to cut all these things out we likely would lead very boring lives. I struggle with it myself. But I still love Susan Surandan in a movie even if I see her personally as a childish brat. And my own inner self does struggle with Woody Allen movies. Many didn’t jive with who/what Freddie Mercury was personally but still followed/loved/worshipped his music. Hell, even the Republican party loves it! Sometimes people aren’t going to like ME but like my writing (hopefully) and frankly, I don’t always care. I can’t please them all. And the world can’t all please me.

Either way we vote, our world will change. Is changing. Has changed. No vote in all of history has ever been a truly safe vote. The awesome part is, we live in a country where we GET to vote, our leaders are not chosen for us. Either way we go with that, it’s an awesome thing. It’s a freedom. I would not take that from you. I would hope you would not take it from me. But over a drink, coffee and all of friendship we might threaten that a lot, in jest, in seriousness, and in friendship. If you truly can not take it, then you don’t have the right or deserving power of calling yourself “Friend”, and that is a much more sad thing for you in such reasons, not for me, to not be able to remain friends.

*If you wish to tell people that if they are voting for the other party to delete themselves from your friendslist, if you delete those who say different than you, or stop being friends even in actual “real not-fb life”, then you don’t understand friendship, freedom, or America.

*If you can’t handle hearing both sides and then still either holding onto your own beliefs or maybe thinking “huh, didn’t see it that way”, which doesn’t mean you have to change your mind. You might not understand life, living, learning, growth in wisdom.
If you are one to only want to hear, read, learn about, dig into deeper, hang out with/around, surround yourself only in that which jives with your own ideas, beliefs, opinions…then you might be a westboro baptist. Or just really boring even. But most certainly you are one to bury your head in the sand. Not an explorer of life. You are closed minded. But it doesn’t mean we have to stop being friends (I just might think of you as a little ignorant by choice, is all.)

*When you are the white male (the only of my friends who I’ve upon this several times) who has chosen to crush my victory of being a woman closer to freedom with “read the facts” but you don’t have the facts correct. Then, well, as it has happened, you are the privileged white male. And that in itself in todays society IS a problem. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop being your friend. Though you might stop being mine. We women have worked for a long time to have to make our way to the top/be equal./have rights. I will have to do the same. We can still be friends as I have to crush you to do so. When you could have, because it is you who has that choice, long ago stood aside as a gentlemen and allowed me and my rights to walk past. This is not even your ignorance that has you shoot me down in my celebration of victories, but your fear. I won’t stop being friends with you out of fear. If that were the case then no woman and man would ever be friends. Much less married, love, relation of any kind.

But really people. The next three months…we will throw rocks at each others glass houses. We will yell. We will get really truly MAD. We might even for a moment hate. And certainly a few of us adults will stomp and throw a four year olds tantrum.
But when it comes down to it, we were friends before the elections of 2016 for whatever reasons. And maybe some friendships as all happens in adult life needs to be reevaluated. But in the world of social media, the world of adulthood, and the world of true friendship, we can still be friends who hold different ideas. And cast different votes. Even world leaders sometimes have to shake hands and smile with other world leaders whom they do not always in all of history get along with, but must be diplomatic with for the better good.

And if you can’t handle the friendship, then you probably weren’t being a friend to begin with. #BeingAGrowUp #Frendship #Politics2016

There is no one way.


To those mad about sites they read or friends pages getting political:

When a presidential election runs every four years, and when the second biggest in all of history is happening RIGHT NOW (AND the craziest EVER seen), and only  8 yrs after the first, I believe it is a right to get a little political. This is world events. This is news. This is history.

If you don’t like it, turn off your computer and go watch some Duck Dynasty. I am pretty sure these sites you read and friends you usually enjoy pics of puppy dogs on are good to take a break from whatever else they do 365 days a year for the other three years to talk about something that is not just small potatoes…but BIG news.

THIS is what will be in your childs history books. And we still made plenty of room for Pokemon. It isn’t about who you vote for or what party side you are on or who you love to hate or will vote for just to save the world from the other. This is history. We are living it. And it’s better even than some of what we’ve read about. So put down seeing it through the camera and really live in it. Good, right, bad, or wrong. You might not be happy about it in the outcome. But it is your life. History in the making. Awesome in a way that will change the world regardless of who ends up President out of the pick. Good or bad changes. Change is a coming! But change is happening RIGHT NOW.

You might not be pro-Hillary but in the not long ago past women were arrested for attempting to vote. It was against the law.  And now we might see a woman for President! Not in the long ago past the same went for African-Americans. They held no vote and it was against their ‘right’ even though we supposedly live by a constitution. And look at our current President!

We might get Trump and WWIII but dammit WWII made fucking history above all history! People are still talking about it! Making movies! There are museums for it! So regardless of it all WE are seeing that and living that and seeing the greatest changes of the world …crazy good or insanely bad as they may be.

So for 12 months in 2016 if people want to post about this and get a little political….let ’em be. Join on in. As much as this all seems a big joke, who we are laughing at might be our next President whether we like it or not! This is NOT reality TV people! This is REALITY of LIFE! It is what it is. Such is life.  Those who hate it showing up in their FB feeds are only those who are close minded and bury their head in the sand.

Take a day off…that’s fine, but you have the power to turn your computer off and get off of FB and take a break…no need to bash people or other websites for talking about something other than the Kardashians. They get the other three years, but who our congress is, who our judges are, who our VP’s are, what laws have changed, who our candidates are and who our President of the most powerful country in the world is, gets the spot light for this year. The good. The bad. The ugly of it all. And the history. This is an amazing, scary, and awesome time to be alive.

This is what dating me is like.


woke up this morning, thinking that it was Saturday rather than Friday which meant coffee in bed and my book, J was still sleeping. When I am awake I am awake. The book I was reading got me into a total writing mode so I set up to write, moving to the couch in the living room with my coffee. A few pages and a few cups of coffee in I had to pee. Then I decided my bathroom needed cleaning, which meant a full hands and knees scrub. That led to laundry being started in the wash and the kitchen given a full wipe down which led to dusting which led to a deep sweeping and washing of the entire floor. J wakes up but by now I am settling back down with my cup of coffee and starting back to my writing where I had left off, writing with the same frenzy I’d just cleaned in. He gives me a sleepy look through squinty eyes and I say “Oh hi! Your awake!” He says “I was sleeping but someone kept making a bunch of noise and so yes, I am, unfortunately, awake.” (Mind you this is like eleven in the morning) But out of my mouth comes the response “I didn’t start until nearly ten and I was awake and got in a cleaning mood.” He says ” So I noticed” I say “Besides, I was up and that s all that matters, it’s late enough for you to wake up, too.” And I slap my hand over my mouth in realization of that moment that every woman has when her mother just came right out of it like a demon possessed voice in a horror movie. He laughs, thankfully, and comes and kisses me goodmorning. And this is a sign that obviously we are early enough in our relationship for him to find me still endearing. Poor guy. 



Boyscouts don’t have anything on us when being prepared.

Like our purses, you need something, we’ve got something. We women are always prepared. In travel we bring twenty pairs of shoes because we might need twenty paairs of shoes. Our freezers are no different.
J has decided that my freezer is my version of a Mary Poppins Carpet Bag.
He is off for a couple of weeks sort of unexpected (we thought he would go straight to work after the school but has to wait to get back onto his own regular shift, all thrown off)
We haven’t even been to a grocery yet since he’s been back this weekend and I keep pulling new meals from the fridge each breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Breakfasts have been or are planned as (I just got teased for the planning) anything from entire bagel setups to eggs/potato/bacon/bean breakfasts and more.Not to mention the huge bowl of fruit for the day long picking.
Lunches have been from tuna salad filled avocados to egg salad on top of greens salads, home made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, BBQ pork sliders, and more.
Dinners have been bahn mi sandwiches, hawaiian fried rice, katsudon, Brown sugar glazed pork loin/mashed golden pots/garlic roasted broccoli, home made macaroni and cheese and ribeye steaks, home made jambalaya, spaghetti with a good crusty bread and salad of course. Tuna and rice dishes with veggies like brussel sprouts, Stuffed bell peppers. The list goes on.
He keeps asking if we need to do a store run. So far no…but after today for some milk/fresh veggies/ we will. Otherwise that freezer still has a lot of odds and ends, soups, and pieces of meals if not entire meals in it. So I am getting teased. Funny part is when by myself I don’t eat half of that and am more of the quinoa and veggies type alone….of which I also have plenty of.
I have an always be prepared mentality when it comes to food. Broth? I have it. Cuttings for new broth to be made? Check. Anything to throw into an omolette? Gotcha. Rice bowls of all sorts? Can do. Soups? Always. Beans? Are you joking? Of course. What kind would you like? Fresh veggies prepared and cut up and then frozen in whatever way you need them? Have that, too. Meats even when barely eat them on my own? I could feed a southern family renunion BBQ right now.
We haven’t even hit on the dry cabinet stuff. Got that, too. Rices/dry beans/lentils/quinoa and a bunch of other stuff? And not a single canned item except peas and various canned fish, all of which I also have in the freezer.
Here are just a few items I’ve managed to ever put together.

Girl time-interrupted.


I got an unexpected J in-town weekend! He had a class and was originally due to go straight to work after but now had the weekend in between and rather than stay in some little country town…or nearby New Orleans, he headed all the long drive home to be with me for a weekend. I must admit, I was in my work mode, and in my girl mode, and in my totally got hooked on Jane The Virgin on Netflix mode, but the weekend of him back after a week gone was a great surprise and super nice after all.

Making a travel-work relationship work (not the same as long-distance but close) there are moments to relish when you can. They don’t come often. So rather than work through the weekend, I of course, did not work at all. No complaints.

Monday though and back at it even though he is still here a day or two…learning to work with him there is an entire different story…especially when every other minute he might shout out “Ok this is the next car I am going to buy, come check it out!” From his laptop…of which I refuse to walk over as he can bring to me…or of when I am head bent over my own work he gets ‘The Look.’

It’s like training a puppy. Of course with the five and a half years younger than me that he is, that analogy is not far off. I have, btw, heard the ‘this is the next car’ line about twenty different car choices already so I am over whatever the heck he chooses until it drives up with him in it. Oy. Men.


She Shed’s. Skills. She’s got skills, and she knows how to use them.


An interesting article from 1 Million Women about she sheds and empowerng women. Read and check it out and then following is my own opinion on the subject of skills.

I like the idea.
However, I do happen to know more women who use power tools and weld daily than men, as well as know how to.
I even know more women than men who even own a power tool.
I think men are pretty soft…more than a few I know wouldn’t even know how to operate a weed eater. But at the same time they don’t know how to balance a checkbook, either. Or build a budget. Or cook a proper meal that doesn’t come from a box. So in the shift of less sweat I haven’t totally seen a filling of other, maybe more domestic even, skills.

But I don’t mean to be sexist. I actually see much the same in woman, too. Power tools or not.

It is not about sexism, but about today’s pampered society.
Overall today, people in general, men, women, and even children, lack simple and basic skills. Make a list…what are your skills?
Make another list, what are kills you would like to have?
Make another, what are skills that are basic that you don’t hold?
Now, go and learn something new. Once you have learned it…pass the knowledge by teaching someone else.

In saying all that what I think would be cool is more courses to learn these things…like the painted clay shops opening around the country, lets see some woodwork and craftsman shops. Sure, a few fingers might be lost and the insurance might cost more, but a skill learned is a good story told.

I remember my first house flip where I sanded (about 14 layers, hinges even painted), painted, re-carpeted, tiled and cut tile, and more, I felt invincible.

If America needs to be ‘great again’ I take that to mean knowing how to do thing. Make things, Create things. Do ourselves. Step up like the women in WWII who did everything from save metals, make victory gardens and build airplanes. Learn to feed large families on few cents like during the great depression. Build a furniture piece that remains a family heirloom? Even sewing, knitting as well as woodwork and more. Heck in this day and age if we lost the internet we wouldn’t even know how to make bread. Even knowing how to make music and entertain around a campfire is an essential skill of friendship, fellowship, and community. Skills don’t mean sweat and power tools alone. Skills are vast and everybody coming together with their skill to help another and combined or bartered with anothers skill is what makes a better society, a community.

As children we go back to school and we say something like “This summer I did…”

As adults let’s end our summer by saying “This summer I learned…”

For all my glasses wearing peeps.

7 worst things about wearing glasses, by BuzzFeed.

I would add diving and snorkeling (my latest issues), jetskiis, surfing, swimming, Sailing (losing those $1200 pair of glasses just isn’t fun, my frames are cheap, my lenses cost a ton)

In the south and summer going from every indoor A/C cold place to walking outdoor in the muggy heat (they fog up).


Yoga, running , working out, horseback riding.

Removing them before pulling a shirt over your head with a tight neck….or rather…forgetting to remove them. When your b/f dares to move them from whereever you laid them down to sleep. Constant smudges….ohhhh…kissing…the damn nose smudges. I have transition so no need for sunglasses. When the first scratch appears….your heart breaks a little.  Hair getting stuck in them. Everytime you drop them an angel loses it’s wings.

Cooking anything with oils (you have no idea how much grease really comes up into the air,it’s not the splatter, until you wear glasses.) Laying on your side to read/watch movies is a no-can-do. When you get caught in the rain.

Shaving…especally the lady places. (You can’t really do this in the shower and without glasses and thus becomes an even bigger ordeal that it already is.) Having to totally ruin a sexy moment so you can carefully take them off and place them in a safe…not to be crushed and easy to find afterward location. Be ready to kill when you didn’t do that to be all so spontaneous and the bastard rolls over onto them and crushes them. Way-to-kill-a-moment.

Dogs licking your face. Bugs…seriously in the deep south bugs on glasses happen like bugs on a windshield.

And my worst most hated moment…others deal with tan lines from swimwear…I have the super sexy line across my nose….like a wedding ring tan line…but on your face.

I would like to also add that every guys pickup line is asking if I am a librarian.

And holding babies with their grabby little hands.



Vacation has begun. The essentials of life.


So two days later and vacation has finally begun…kinda…sorta…oy.

Day three and we ended up visiting with friends and going on a road trip with them to pick up a classic dream car. Why not? We all liked classic cars and this was the dream car of one of them, and the drive was pretty, the company fun, and the little town we went to good for some antiquing. A good double date day. We enjoyed some kolaches and some amazing sushi along the trip…it made for a good combo though not together and hours apart, thankfully.

The long drive, however, ended up fruitless as the car wasn’t at all what was promised and so we went home mad, disappointed, sad for our friend, and outraged at such a bad professional advertisement. No rust doesn’t mean a rusted through hole on the floorboards, among an entire list of other things, cash ready to hand over. However all in jest and good as we felt the drive itself was well worth it and had plenty of fun regardless.

J and I had not yet done the big stock grocery shop we planned and usually do when he comes off work for our two weeks of eating and cooking together. We are foodies who enjoy good stuff and pinterest try-outs as well as some classic favorites and whatever we may have been craving the month prior, but chose to wait to make, so afterwards we decided to hit a store before heading home and fill up. Four hours later and walking out, tired, from the store and we were loaded down.

Getting home and all groceries in, J decided to get out of my super Type-A coming out moment as I somehow fit everything into our freezer and fridge and in proper and particular order and with great organization. Also of course planned on when and how we use each item to come. I really try not to have to hit the store again for another two weeks. He did try and help me a few times and realized each time that of course he was doing things wrong, and it was best when my eye’s were in that glazed over intensely focused on my task at hand look, to just make himself scarce. Yet he is one of those if I am up cleaning or cooking or some such task he feels as he should be, too. Which was fine. He went to clean his guns.

Over there. Away from me. Away from the kitchen. Out of my way. And perhaps while holding a little protection if he should need it. From me. Which when in that zone and interrupted he might sometime need.

Somehow I did manage to fit everything in the fridge and my already stocked with home made soups and broths freezer. I always am in wonder when they show some organized fridge picture online and it holds like 2 water bottles, a couple of yogurts and one small bowl of fruit and think “How is that all they eat?” Usually some model or celebrity fridge of course. I think on how I might not enjoy embracing my love handles that have come with being a little older and will step up my physically active game. We are adding in more bike riding, kayaking, hiking and fun physical activities to our daily life again, (after some brief laziness/busyness/work for both in the past few years) along with my yoga, running and swimming, of which I have been a little lazy about lately.

By then it’s late at night and after a long day in a car I am ready for a long hot shower.

The next day we slept in…an absolute until noon type of sleep in on a Saturday! YAY! Vacation…it has begun.

I woke super in a good mood. Not that I am usually woke in a bad mood but today I was a little more bouncy in my step.

That might be the sex.

Or it might be that I woke with the memory in mind that I had good new yummy coffee to try. It had smelled so good when picked up the day before in some small town filled with antiques and I made my french press of it while starting on some bagel breakfast sandwiches I had seen on pinterest. The smells of everything bagel, melting butter in a pan, and great coffee mingled in the morning-afternoon air. Pinterest is liken to a god of which to bow down to. Or at least gaze our worshipping eye’s upon for hours upon hours. Oh pinterest. How I love your love letters of yummy pictures you sustain me with…

Where was I? Sex, coffee, pinterest…the essentials of life….

Oh yeah. So I made some yummy sandwiches…these. I would post my own picture but completely forgot to take any. I did add some ‘dippy eggs’ (as my dad called them) on the side (J put his on the sandwich) and I did add a spread of raspberry jam to it as well. It turned out amazing and very simple to make, as I sipped my devine coffee, another bow-to-god of mine and chatted with J about this and that.

After breakfast he got to work with his first time making on his own jambalaya. He has been learning from some creole boys on the river at work. And it is not exactly like theirs nor exactly how he wished but it is a damn good jambalaya much less a first time attempt.

It may be a day of cooking as soon, as we spend a day picking through jambalaya (really to be eaten tomorrow), I will make a big Bahn Mi sandwich for us for lunch.

So far we’ve yet to put pants on nor move outside of the house. It may be a holiday weekend which also means a lot of people and traffic and here we are, with a stack of books to be read and great gourmet foods at hand. Perhaps that more physically active lifestyle shall begin in the fall, when the heat won’t melt us. Or even later today. But at least not just quite yet.

Hello vacation. How I’ve missed you.