In awe of Houston.

I am off on other travels and experiences, but before doing so I had realized that in my time living back in Texas as an adult, rather than when I did as a child, and my six years on Galveston Island, I had not taken advantage fully of all the the big city of Houston had to offer.

When I first moved here I had been newly from many other travels after having left California. I had spent many days jumping on the metro bus system and letting it take me where it took me. I wandered all over Houston, exploring by myself. And yet I still never saw nearly at all what it had to offer. My favorite place was actually on the bus, people watching. People on the way to work, or tired after their day from it. I also explored the Down Town Houston Library. Bliss. And so very a place to visit. Museum like in its-self. Funny how public libraries are far from only stuffy shelves of books but often places in themselves a tourist attraction (Another reason to keep them open.) And always a place of learning and exploration.


I’d worked in Houston but my experience then was much of driving in traffic to and from work. Never something that makes a person fond of a busy city full of millions of people…doing the same thing, at about the same time. I had the chance to see inside a lot of beautiful homes, however, and the bliss of some of the architecture and design had me swooning. I then have spent years wrapped up in Galveston and recently decided to begin exploring Houston again before I left Galveston and Houston. I took my camera with me and foot to pavement or ride around usually as passenger with J as we let ourselves get lost and my camera often to my eye.

Enjoying many foods in Houston has been a fun thing, Galveston is pretty limited and there is much to explore in just the foods of Houston. Anthony Bourdain recently had much to say about Houston and what food cuture here teaches us, in Houstonia Magazine

My favorite go to for crunchy taco’s is still Taco’s A Go-Go, discovered years ago when up here for live music.

Which takes me to discuss the live music available in Houston. Aside from the amazing theaters they offer for music concerts, plays, dances, opera and more, the local live music scene here is hard to beat and not one to pass over.

Ellago Band

Wild Moccasins.

Two Star Symphony

And so many more. You can catch some great ones here.

But I also love the Museum Days and the days exploring the greenways, parks, gardens, and outdoors that this huge wide spread city has to offer. I’ve gone to many, spent hours tiring my feet out walking through them, and have yet to even begin touching on all that is available here.

The history of Houston, economics, and politics have always fascinated me. It is the home-base where my grandparents taught me of such things growing up. The first woman in office for me to ever know and learn about almost intimately was here, and also Houstons first female mayor, Kathryn Witmire. Not only did the decade of my birth bring Houstons first female Mayor, but also the first woman elected into any office in the city of Houston. A city built on oil….a good ol’ boys game. And women have played the game well ever since in creating the city of Houston into what it is today. One that goes far beyond the oil.

It is, a city of opportunity.

The city built on industry has turned into one now in the economy of some of the largest in multiple industries. The arts are hard to rival and between the arts, museums, music from rock to classic, big stage to local, foods, colleges, innovation, and melting pot of it all, this city has a lot to show you. Economy and industry are strong in too many fields to list. The Arts, Medical, Communications, Law, and so many that have nothing at all to do with oil, still a strong economy for us. Houston is a city that will never fold, never fail, never die.

So how could I leave before I had a chance to explore? To become reacquainted? to see the city that my grandparents had moved to? And the largest city near where I was raised during childhood with parents who had a love of museums?

I spent afternoons walking walking the streets, would turn each corner, stare up at the skyscrapers and revel at the architecture of such a new city, such a new place, one that sets perfect example of what can be started from very little or even nothing and beat all odds. And I am in awe.




Island Living. Vast in it’s views.


I am on to some new travels away from the island but my heart will remain for sure. I will be back and I will always love Galveston Island. The place I made my first sand castle, first learned to swim, my first sting by a jellyfish, and the place I came back to as an adult. I have lived here for six years now and have planted my feet firmly in the sand since I was a tiny little sea urchin. I plan that I will spend many of my older days here and perhaps even settle to rest eventually.
Until then, I will share my island life and its many amazing moments.

The views of this island are endless. It’s small. It’s slim but it’s very very vast in all of it’s offerings.


Island Living.

IMG_6812 (1)

Galveston is a special place. I’ve been on almost every coast in the world, and every coast in the states and many large and small beach town’s and here is where I’ve been for five and a half years now.

I came to the island with incredibly different intentions as to what my life has ended up being now. But such is life and none goes according to the plan.

But one thing I do is love this island and love to share it as well

Not too long ago the Houston Chronicle had written a lovely article, helpful to those not from here, about some of what the island has to offer to do beside’s the beach. Sadly on online comments many who obviously don’t know this island, called it ugly and ghetto.

This is simply un-true and so I thought I would share my love, my insight and my very own view of the island. The best way is through pictures and in many if you watch it is also through my writing. The land your feet step on is often the land where your stories take place. The smells, the character, the spirits all seep in.

Let me start here, with this view and through out perhaps some stories to share and if you are ever on the island please contact me……for I’d love to take you for coffee, tell you about the island, share my stories and introduce you to what Galveston really is…

IMG_6809 (1)


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The Job Hunt- On Adulting. 1.


With the New Year facing us like a freight train with our boot stuck in the tracks…I ponder on my 2016 in both my personal works and my job search. I’d like to do more job-work than job-search but…we shall see.

In my personal works I have going, in brief;

1. In My Mind. An Art Study of Awareness of Mental Care and Attention. Inludes research of mental health, mental health care and lack there-of in Mental Illness. Producing film, photography music, writing, visual art, public shows and collaboration between artists and doctors as well as people who carry mental illness. (currently seeking funding) (if you’d like to share your story please email

2. Bride’s. An Art Study of Marriage. Inludes research in marriages and relationship. Divorce. Suicide and murder. Collaboration with artists in film, photography, producing photoshoots, film, music and public art shows. Turning writing into visual art. A did she-Did he play. And the choice road taken. (currently in he works. Seeking old wedding dresses/accessories) (if you’d like to share your story please email

3. In current edit and drafts of the novel, NaNo project Behind The White Gate. (currently looking for an Agent)

4. A new direction and new works for the blog; A Kind Of Single Lady.

5. NoPantsTV; Project in the works. Early stages.

6. i On Artist’s. An Art-Economy Study of life through the lens of an iphone on what artists’s bring to the community and economy. (contact if you are an artist interested in being filmed for this project)

7. Being a Writer (which means eating a lot of ramen noodles)

In the Job Hunt I am wondering about the direction Houston/Galveston both are taking. I really have been impressed by the works of Mayor Annise Parker and the leaps and bounds of forward thinking she has brought Houston in her three terms. Art and green space are obviously forward thinking ways to go with any community and between projects such as and Buffalo Bayou Park, Discovery Green and our Theater District and many Public Art Work’s these are true happenings that have come to form and form well. What is nice is seeing a great direction that I hope will continue for the economy of Houston and have been proven economy in many cities. I plan to get off “The Rock” here in Galveston and spend some more time really exploring the art’s of Houston again that have exploded over the past few years in this coming twelve months. One doesn’t have to travel far or expensively to see great things that sit right in their own backyard.

As for the Houston Job-Economy, the art’s are again creeping up on a lead of such things as well. Houston is pulling far away from just being an economy that run’s solely on oil and the up’s and down’s that come with it. We are a true travel destination with a fantastic walkable Down Town of restaurants, bars, parks and jogging/biking trails and beautiful hotels and wedding destinations. Not to mention sports centers and museums. What I do see Down Town Houston lagging (and still The Heights and Montrose, nearby, leading in, by far) are nice and easy walking shops and coffeeshops as well as a better variety of restaurants destinations. But none of it is far and as large as Houston is, The DownTown area, The Heights, Montrose, River Oak’s, The Galleria, The Museum District,  and several other destinations are all within just a mile or three of each other. But with a beautiful Theater District to boast, and now two amazing green area’s of Buffalo Bayou Park and Discovery Green, Houston really is on a path of future living and The Way To Live,work, and play. Pleasing the working people of twenty to retired, single to parents, a balanced life-style has truly emerged. Houston even rounds some rough corners with a few grand Farmer’s Market’s, Trader Joe’s and Whole Food’s locations to meet many of today’s lifestyles.

But what about jobs? We still have a high unemployment rate. We still have a high-trade jobs rate as well. We have a high job-in-arts rate and we have a high students rate. We also carrying a good hotel/hospitality job economy and banking economy but…still we see banks closing left and right as well. Houston does have a very high fashion and shopping economy…especially boasting of the famous Galleria. But even here I feel that fashion is still too far behind what it should be and would I love to see a boost in this time and economy, however I don’t feel that this will happen without bringing it’s own angle to the game. I know of a few artistic types who are bringing a bigger film industry to Houston. Hollywood long outgrowing it and Louisiana being one of the largest now in the country not to mention much of our film industry going to Canada. So Houston is an incredibly logical location as well as full of young and eager artists and students to fill the economy quickly….not to mention a continuance of our theater industry nation-wide. (I’d love to see more filming in Galveston Island.)

Media, publishing and marketing are some of the big economy fillers of Houston. And the medical economy is by far a large one that stretches all over Houston and Galveston both with continuing expansion.

But what all truly makes Houston’s Economy Hum?

I myself look toward future work in where I can make the biggest difference, the most impact and also, bring forward movement to the table in art’s, economy and community.

And what will 2016 bring to the table?